Transforming how
you buy and sell
heavy equipment
Save money, time and effort – enable your sales network today


No Credit Card Required, No Commitment.


Signup with an individual or company account and start networking in just a few minutes. Both accounts are free and come with 10 free listings


A good place to start is inviting your co-workers and encourage them to engage in your company’s network – share news, products & create listings


Invite companies and their people from your industry connections – each invite creates a private, company to company network. Each network is only visible to you and your co-workers


Create a listing quickly and easily - communicate your sales and marketing message to your network or place the listing on the public marketplace to interact with new potential connections

View your networks’ offerings and publish your
listings to specific networks and groups

Filter news for companies in your network, stay up to date with their listings
and your own via the newsfeed function. Receive statistics on your company,
your individual account and your listings

Build your Network
Attract new connections

Seek new contacts by posting in the public market place.
This gives you a broader reach allowing you to connect with new companies
and individuals. Generate positive leads and potential clients of the future

Promote your company

Your company profile is your opportunity to promote your company.
Add your logo and personalised background image. This is where you post your news,
product updates and public listings. Any posts will appear in the
news feeds of your network connections

Communicate easily
with your connections

Stay connected with live chat and
our direct messaging tool.
Hold conversations on specific listings and
topics – talk directly, no need for middlemen

Co-ordinate with
your team

Collaborate with your team members,
assign roles and ensure everyone stays
informed and on message

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